Is your business driving you or are you driving your business?

Write a book once, sell it forever. Record a song once, sell it forever. What have you leveraged in your business, in your life?

Your business should give you the leverage to create more profits, more time and the lifestyle you desire. Otherwise, what is the point of having a business in the first place?

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The 3 critical components to success:

Mindset x Knowledge x Action = Results

Mindset: Working with a coach is simply what you do to get the most out of yourself and your business. It should be a lifestyle choice, rather than a crash course diet.

Knowledge: Learn to use a global system/platform for building businesses that has been proven to work successfully for over 20 years in over 50 countries.

Action: Focus on taking the steps that will address your wants and needs

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You don’t know what you don’t know

Most business owners are pretty insulated in their business or industry. After some time ‘shop blindness’ can set in. This is dangerous to you and your business. Innovations and best practises in one industry could apply to yours. Being, and more importantly, staying successful in business is like playing a game. That’s what I do as a coach, helping you win the game and being the best they you can possibly be no matter where you are on the business ladder.

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You know what I love about working with Mark? Every time I get off the coaching call with him I feel like I can literally take on the whole world!

Brendan Jacob

Bay Gallery Furniture

I’ve owned a security business for 7 years and I never had enough time to get everything done. I’ve been working with Mark for 9 months now and he’s transformed our business in this tiny amount of time. We now have procedures and systems in place that run like clockwork, our turnover is already up over 60% and we’ve taken on two new staff members to handle the extra work. Best of all I now have free time!

Peter Spratt

Tesnik Security

One of the things I like about working with Mark is how flexible this service is. For the first year Mark helped us put in place all the processes to make our business run well and create a great culture. Now Mark gives us advice and feedback on our business challenges and goals and I really enjoy having input from someone who is an expert on business and takes a genuine interest in what we are doing.

Will Bruce

Willy Weather

Since 2008 Mark has been counsel to our business and team members. The longevity of the relationship is testament to his coaching methodology and his solid, unflappable character. During our time together, our business has expanded dramatically in every sense, especially getting the best out of myself and our people.

Spencer Bailey

APX Hotels Apartments

What I like about working with Mark is that he looks at the whole business and then shows us how to do a lot of things much more effectively. In fact in just 18 months the results are just incredible…Turnover has gone up, margins have gone up, staff are clearer in their job descriptions, advertising results are better and we are now spending less money on advertising.

John Batori

Have a Seat

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Working With Me

Coaching is all about Return On Investment. Many times over.

The benefits of working with me as an experienced top coach are plentiful; it brings fresh perspectives on business and personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

The list does not end there.

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